So much has been written over the past few weeks about security for WordPress and the WordPress botnet scare that it’s easy to become immune to it all. And even worse to presume that it won’t happen to you. How many of us can truly say that we have never done that? I know I am certainly guilty of it.

But sometimes it is when we hear the real life experiences of others that we get a wakeup call. ¬†Over the past few weeks I have received countless emails from friends, colleagues, and customers sharing their stories. Unfortunately,WordPress botnet most stories are of upset and great financial loss. Mostly crying out, “why didn’t I just take care of this when I had the chance”.

Refusing To Be a WordPress Botnet Victim

Kate is a great example of this. But her story is VERY different. Was she attacked? Absolutely, numerous times. In fact, on the morning of April 21, 2013, she actually had 513 occurrences of hackers attempting to gain access into her websites. For most of us this would be horrifying, but not for Kate. Why?

Because Kate has found a solution, one that lets her sleep peacefully at night. She no longer worries about botnets or hackers. Kate knows that every attempt on her site will result in a failure. The IP address of the perpetrator will be logged, banned, and emailed to her. She knows that while nothing is foolproof she has done all she can to keep her sites secure.

She urges others to take this WordPress botnet scare seriously and to be proactive. In fact, her company Success Aligned offers security services to anyone in need. She even lists some really important questions you should consider and answer for yourself. You can read them by clicking here.

Being Proactive Against WordPress Botnet attacks

The ultimate goal is to move you towards action. Don’t let all of those hours of hard work be for nothing. Your websites are your properties, they are valuable, they deserve to be protected. I too have been hacked numerous times. Most recently, a brutal attack on one of my sites resulted in a huge financial loss, not to mention the down time. Had I known what I know today I would have done things differently.

The Best WordPress Botnet Security Solution

Here at PageOneTraffic we have also done everything we can to address this problem. Last week we launched SecureScanPRO, a WordPress plugin specifically designed for non technical individuals so they can quickly and easily secure all of their websites.

SecureScanPRO runs scans, fixes vulnerabilities, and has a built in bruteforce defence system purposely designed against botnets. It has everything you need to protect your sites so you too can feel at peace knowing that your sites are safe.

Get SecureScanPRO today by clicking here.