Your WordPress Site is Under Attack


The Facts


“Its no longer a case of ‘IF‘ you get attacked but ‘WHEN’.  If you have not taken steps to lock down and harden your WordPress installation you will get hacked – Period.”

1) You get banned from Google
2) You lose traffic
3) Email providers ban you a spammer or worse for a ‘phishing’ server.
4) You lose your work, all the effort you put in creating your site.
5) You can lose your files – hackers can delete your data.
6) Companies and CEOs are being fined when their site is hacked.

Demo and overview of the software:


Secure your site in 2 minutes:

SecureScanPRO is a comprehensive WordPress plugin, designed for non technical users to scan and fix issues with one click.  Combined with an intelligent ‘brute-force’ attack defence system against botnets makes SecureScanPRO the ultimate to secure your site.

Features & Benefits:

Easy to Install

This WordPress plugin can be installed and ready to use within a few minutes.

Runs Security Tests

Scans for 33 known risks and vulnerabilities.

Click to Correct

12 known vulnerabilities are corrected simply by clicking the "Fix It" button.

Detailed Explanations

Each test is accompanied by a detailed explanation of the risk and solution provided.

Scheduled Scans

Ability to select a daily or weekly scan schedule based on preference.

Email Notifications

Be notified within seconds of someone trying to execute a brute-force attack on your site.

Access Protection

Ensures that unauthorized IP addresses are not permitted entry and automatically bans intruders based on failed logins.

100% Free Support

Free updates and support is available online through our help desk, which is staffed by US and UK employees. We are here to help you deal with any issue you may have.

Secure Your Website With The Following Steps:

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Step 1: Run Tests & Fix Vulnerabilities


After installation simply run the tests to fix any found vulnerabilities.

Step 2: Standard & Advanced Options


Vulnerabilities are classified into either standard or advanced allowing various degrees of security.

Step 3: Examine Test Details


A detailed description of the problem and solution is provided for every risk.

Step 4: Protection Against Brute-Force Attacks


A captcha and notice of failed login attempts is added to the login screen to protect you against a brute-force attack.

Step 5: Logs Attackers IP Address


Attackers IP addresses and banned status are automatically logged.

Step 6: Checks Core Files


Core scanner checks WordPress files to make sure they have not been corrupted.

Step 7: Enable Schedule Scanner


Scheduled scans for various vulnerabilities and core WordPress files ensure that there has not been an attack.

Step 8: Customize & Notify


A customizable message can be added to the login screen and email notification of attack attempts.

12 Reasons we beat the competition:

1.  Automated scanning of vulnerabilites – Focuses on prevention instead of cure.
2.  Timesaving One-Click fixing of the top 12 risks.
3.  Scans core wordPress code to check for backdoors.
4.  Built in Bruteforce attack protection.
5.  Built in captcha module to prevent bots automatically hacking.
6.  Automatically scans your password database for weak passwords.
7.  Emails you when anyone logs in.
8.  Blocks repeated login attempts.
9.  Immediately blocks known ip addresses from reaching your site
10. Runs 33 wordpress vulnerability checks and shows you in plain English how to solve them.
11. Checks your users account for common passwords
12. Technical helpdesk support.

SecureScanPRO replaces 4 plugins in one total solution.

Who is SecureScanPRO?
SecureScanPRO is owned by PageOneTraffic, a software company with a portfolio of 17 products and 16,000 customers. All our products are highly maintained and evolve along with the requests of our customers.

This is what customers have to say:



We’re so convinced you are going to love SecureScanPRO – we want you to have the first 7 days protection on us.  If you aren’t 110% convinced.. simply cancel before the trial is up.


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This issue is everywhere in the news right now with 30,000 sites hacked per day. If you use WordPress and you don’t have this plugin, you could wake tomorrow with your site completely gone.  It takes days of pain, heartache and lost earnings to try to recover the site. Grab it today while its on special offer, and in a few minutes your site will be fully secured.