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Alert: This week a 90,000 Botnet is Hacking Your Website.

The BBC, ZDNet, WordPress and all of the IT Press have announced that a massive attack is in progress against every WordPress installation.

They are specifically targetting sites with the admin account still active and cross checking that with password lists.

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There are a number checks, fixes and guides you can use but the simplest is to install a solid security plugin.

Most of the free ones are poorly implemented and usually are not supported plus – they can get you locked out.

The most efficient plugin that is easiest to use is SecureScanPRO. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to set it up – and you can have a safe and secure website in minutes.

– It scans your sites for weaknesses.
– Provides instant 1 click fixes for 12 of the most serious issues.
– Automatically checks core wordpress files against for attacked files.
– Scans and Emails you if anything has changed.
– Emails you if anyone tries to hack your site.
– Automatically bans repeated logins.
– Presents a captcha to the login interface to stop bruteforce bots.

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