Revealed, Password1 has Overtaken Fred As The Most Commonly Used Word Used For Login Protection.

Trusted hackers from information security firm Trustwave ran thousands of tests on American systems over the past 2 years. In fact the conclusion of the 2 year penetration test period was that they cracked over 600 thousand passwords. "We eventually cracked 576,533 or almost 92 percent of the sample within a period of 31 days," Sigler […]

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WordPress Attacks Are on the Rise

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system online today. Consider a few of these stats straight from the platform: 409 million. The number of people who view WordPress sites each month. 14.4 billion. The number of page views on WordPress sites each month. 42.6 million. The number of new posts created each month […]


WordPress Hacked Infographic

There are more than 74.2 million WordPress sites around the world. It is the most used platform, as well as, the most hacked. In 2012, 170,000 sites were hacked which is over double from 2009 at 81,000. Backing up your sites regularly, keeping all your plugins and theme up-to-date, and ensuring that you have a […]


Are You To Blame For Recent DDoS Attacks?

WordPress continues to be a main target of DDoS attacks with hackers continually finding new vulnerabilities. Just a few months ago a large attack occurred that involved thousands of sites. It’s an important story as it solidifies the magnitude of the threat. Here are the details of the story… Security researchers have uncovered a recent […]


WordPress Vulnerabilities Lead To Crippling Attacks. You May Be At Risk.

The subject of WordPress security continues to dominate the news feeds. In fact, just yesterday another TimThumb WordPress vulnerability was discovered. Prior to that there was an issue with the All In One SEO plugin and let’s not forget the whole Heartbleed thing. It’s never ending. More than 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacker […]


Ironclad Rules to Stop Password Security Breaches

Is password security a threat to your business? In 2013, companies like Adobe, MacRumors, GitHub, Cupid Media, vBulletin and more have endured cyber attacks which have resulted in millions of private user passwords being harvested by hackers (Fontana, 2013 & Krebs, 2013). These companies are not the first to suffer such attacks nor are they […]


Are Unknown Website Security Issues Costing You Customers?

Unknown security issues can damage more than just your website. For example, do you know what a safety rating is? More to the point, what does your website’s current rating say to your customers about your business? Protecting content and avoiding a loss of data or a loss of control over your site is not […]


How Many Website Security Issues Are Your Fault?

Website security issues aren’t entirely the fault of a hacker. Sure, they are the ones who initiate an attack, but many are only able to do so with help from an unlikely source. You. Security Issues Are Your Responsibility That’s right, this is a classic case of victim blaming, but in many instances of website […]


3 Effective Strategies For a More Secure Website

A secure website should be factored into your plans from the very moment you decide to invest time, money and energy into building a WordPress property. Whether you author a personal blog, operate a mid-level eCommerce site or own a large-scale business, security for WordPress is a priority that you cannot afford to ignore. Cyber-crime […]


WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache Vulnerability Revealed – Update Your Caching Plugins Now

Caching plugins are must have for WordPress users. Some internet marketers swear by them. Not only do these plugins make your site more responsive, but load time is much faster. The two most commonly used plugins are the WP Super Cache and the W3 Total Cache. While these are the most widely distributed and favoured, […]

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